Vintco blok olie keerring set Kawasaki KX125 1974-76 KD125 1975-79 KE125 1976-83 KS125 1974-75

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When rebuilding your Kawasaki KX125 engine, having new oil seals is a must and VintCo has the solution. These engine oil seal kits are made with modern materials and manufacturing techniques to ensure an as good or better than OEM fitment and performance. These VintCo engine oil seal kits will help to complete your build with ease. The OEM part numbers are provided as a reference to ensure exact fitment and exactly what seals you will get so you know you are getting the correct replacement parts. This kit includes the oil seals for the crankshafts left/right, clutch oil seal, crankshaft oil seal, engine cover oil seal, gear change mechanism oil seal, crankcase oil seal, valve cover O-ring, crankshaft collar O-ring, engine cover oil seals and transmission o-ring. This oil seal kit will fit all 1974-76 KX125, 1975-79 KD125, 1976-83 KE125, and 1974-75 KS125 models. These newly manufactured engine oil seal kits from VintCo will help you keep the ride going!

  • Crankshaft Oil Seal / OE# 92049-1240
  • Crankshaft Oil Seal / OE# 92049-1250
  • Clutch Oil Seal / OE# 92050-058
  • Crankshaft Oil Seal / OE# 92050-013
  • Engine Cover Oil Seal / OE# 92049-002
  • Gear Change Mechanism Oil Seal / OE# 92049-1271
  • Clutch Release Shaft O-Ring / OE# 670B2010
  • Crankcase O-Ring / OE# 670B3028
  • Valve Cover O-Ring / OE# 92055-057
  • Crankshaft Collar O-Ring / OE# 670B2016
  • Engine Cover O-Ring / OE# 670B2016
  • Engine Cover O-Ring / OE# 670B2020
  • Transmission O-Ring / OE# 92055-022

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