DEP uitlaatdemper Honda CR 250R 1984

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Product Information
Our 2 stroke silencers are designed to fit OE and DEP front pipes. The
silencers are manufactured with a polished aluminium outer canister and a
mild steel internal perforated core, surrounded with a high temperature
Eglass packing. All silencers have been designed as a performance
enhancing product for optimum power increase, we advise this to be used
with a DEP front pipe. Our silencers are easily repackable.

During use exhaust systems get hot. To avoid danger of burning, do not
remove or touch until adequate cooling time has been allowed.

2 Stroke Silencer Fitting Instructions
Loosen the silencer mounting bolts from the frame and remove your
original silencer from the bike. Install the DEP silencer, making sure it does
not touch the sub-frame before tightening mounting bolts. Retain any
rubber grommets/sleeves from the original silencer and refit on your DEP
silencer, if required. All the exhaust fixing points should be slackened and
then fully tightened allowing all frame mounting points to line up exactly. A
silencer fitted under stress can cause failure or damage to the product.
DEP cannot be held responsible for any incorrectly fitted products. The
fitting to non-original equipment or DEP equipment is the responsibility of
the end user.

2 Stroke Silencer Re-packing Instructions
The performance and low noise efficiency of this silencer will be impaired if
it is not serviced on a regular basis. Remove the bolts or rivets, remove the
end caps, inner core and packing material. Inspect and clean where
necessary. Re-pack the silencer with DEP matt packing. To maintain peak
performance the silencer should be inspected regularly and the packing
material replaced if it has exceeded its serviceable life.

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Honda CR 250R 1984